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Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin

Financial Director

Q. What event would your time machine take you back to and why?
Passing my driving test 1st time.  To re-live the glory!

Q. What was your fifteen minutes of fame?
I met Keavy Lynch from B*witched once. Does that count?

Q. Name one thing your wife or partner does that irritates you?
My wife is perfect and does absolutely nothing wrong (so she tells me)

Q. Name that tune!… What song would it be at this Friday nights local Karaoke competition?
There is not enough alcohol in the world to get me to do Karaoke.

Q. (Don’t tell the missus!!!)… But who would you most like to wake up with the next morning after winning the competition?
Even with a free pass, it would be my wife, of course.

Q. If E.T. offered you a better life beyond Greenaways, would you go with him?
Depends what was on offer.



“Our aim is to provide quality products, value for money, and above all a reputation for first class service that our customer base has become dependant upon…”
Emma Greenaway – Chairman and Managing Director