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Pipe Clips

You can get an overview of our vast range of pipe clips on this page.

This is a collection of all pipe clips from the main ranges. To see all of the products in those ranges, (Stainless Steel for instance) just navigate to that product range page via the main menu. Should you not be able to find the product or products you require, please contact our Sales Staff who will be only too happy to help and advise you on finding the correct pipe clips or accessories.

Greenaway are acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pipe clips and pipe support systems, encompassing all forms of Industrial and Domestic Pipe Supports. Our range of pipe clamps and pipe support products includes the following: Malleable Iron Pipe Clamps, Brass Clips, Pipe Brackets, and Plates, Steel Clips and Steel Pipe Clamps, Stainless Steel Pipe Clamps and Stainless Pipe Supports, Copper and Plastic Pipe clips.

We also supply Channel and Channel Accessories products for our clips and supports, as well as a wide range of fixings, accessories, and bracketry products, as well as Phenolic Blocks and Woodblocks, which can be ‘notched out’ for trace heating, allowing cables to be run alongside piping underneath insulation.

Greenaways provide comprehensive distribution to the United Kingdom and Overseas Plumbing, Heating and Engineering Merchant trade. See the contact details for our sales team below.