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The finish of the ‘Hot Dipped’ Galvanised pipe fittings product meets the standard of EN ISO 1461. Products, where possible are also independently tested here in the UK to obtain Breaking Load and Safe Working Load (SWL) information. The Single and Double Munsen Rings or Pipe Rings and Split Clamps are produced with a threaded female boss that is available in Metric or BSP thread to suit different applications. 

We also offer a Roller and Chair Assembly for use when facilitating expansion and subsequent movement of the Steel Tube. These products when combined are surface mounted and can accommodate Steel Tube up to a dimension of 10” nominal bore.

Our brochure includes the following malleable iron pipe clips and brackets: 
Malleable Iron Screw On Brackets, Malleable Iron Single Rings - Metric, Malleable Iron Screw on Brackets - Heavy Pattern, Malleable Iron Single Rings - BSP, Malleable Iron Double Rings - Metric, Malleable Iron Rollers & Chairs, Malleable Iron Backplates - BSP, Malleable Iron Backplates - Metric, Malleable Iron Backplates - Metric - Heavy Pattern. << Back to Pipe Clips