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Greenaway Pipeline Products also offer a separate range of Wood Block alternatives for Heat Insulation, which can also be used on cold and chilled water applications. These are typically made from Obeche wood which is kiln dried and sourced from Tropical West Africa. The Wooden blocks can be foil faced, therefore made to order, as well as being notched out to facilitate trace heating if required. The Wooden Insulation blocks can be used with our Unlined Bright Zinc Plated Pipe Clamps or Heavy Duty Split Band Hangers either Bossed or Unbossed.  

Full specifications are available on request.

Phenolic block technical info.:

  • CFC / HCFC free (ODP 0%)
  • Class 0 UK Fire Compliance having low flame spread and low smoke emission in order to meet local fire regulations
  • Rigid Closed Cell foam construction, thus resisting moisture ingress
  • Thermally efficient ie low ‘K’ value, saving energy and Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  • Ideally suited for use on cold and chilled water services (temperature range minus 180° C to 120° C)
  • Suitable for mild steel, stainless steel and copper pipework, available from stock in sizes 1/2” NB to 6” NB (15mm - 159mm) and thicknesses from 15mm to 50mm.

(Full specification available on request. For full details please contact our sales department).

Wood Blocks:

  • FSC approved wood only available on special request
  • Manufactured from Obeche wood, 100mm in length (longer lengths available to order).
  • Foil facing for vapour sealing available to order thus reducing condensation.

Blocks can be ‘notched out’ for trace heating, allowing cables to be run alongside piping underneath insulation.