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Grace Jenkins

greenaway team member

Grace Jenkins

Field Sales Representative

Role: Field Sales Representative

Favourite summer drink? – Vodka Red Bull cocktail (sorry, I don’t like the fancy drinks!!!)

Who do you see yourself as in a movie? – Amy Schumer in ‘Trainwreck’ –  I can relate to her….

What’s your go to comfort food when you feel down? – It has to be a Chinese meal, nothing else compares.

Your favourite beach? – Kynance Cove in Cornwall holds a special place in my heart!

Which famous celebrity would you like to be locked away with overnight? – Hero Fiennes Tiffin (aka Hardin Scott in the ‘After’ film series)…..who wouldn’t?

Your favourite fashion item? – Shoes (I love the idea of a good pair of trainers investment!!!)



“Our aim is to provide quality products, value for money, and above all a reputation for first class service that our customer base has become dependant upon…”
Emma Greenaway – Chairman and Managing Director