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Demi Taylor

Demin - Greenaways, Pipe Clips supplier

Demi Taylor

Customer Service Representative

What’s in the glass of your favourite Summer drink?
A Strawberry Summer Sling.

Who do you see yourself as in a movie?
One of Charlie’s Angels!!!

What’s your go-to comfort food when you feel down?
It would have to be a Terrys Chocolate orange.

Your favourite beach?
Dominican Republic – one of my favourite destinations.

Which famous celebrity would you like to be locked away with overnight?
Channing Tatum for me!!!

Your favourite fashion item?
I love my coats. I wouldn’t be without them.



“Our aim is to provide quality products, value for money, and above all a reputation for first class service that our customer base has become dependant upon…”
Emma Greenaway – Chairman and Managing Director