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All dimensions in mm.

Product Description

Standard BZP Wedge Nuts

Greenaway standard BZP Wedge Nuts are available in sizes M6, M8, M12 and M10 Wedge nut sizes. They are also often referred to as ‘Vee’ nuts or ‘V’ nuts.

How are wedge nuts used? They are used on hollow ribbed composite steel decking or concrete decking systems. These products are also used when suspending threaded rod and pipe clips and are tapped to facilitate the use of threaded bars, or studding and bolts. Wedge Nuts are made from mild steel with a Bright Zinc Plated finish.

For further information on this product or for advice on any other products they are used in combination with, call the Greenaway team on 019122 743 322

These products are part of our Fixings range. We supply a full range of UK fixings, accessories and bracketry. We have a full range of complimentary UK fixing products to suit all applications. Where applicable, supported by independent test analysis. See also our Pipe Clips page.

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