Stainless Steel Unlined Clips, Grade 316 A4 M8/10

Stainless Steel Unlined Clips, Grade 316 A4 M8/10

All dimensions in mm.

Product Description

Description: Stainless Steel Unlined Clips – Stainless Steel Pipe Supports and associated products are designed and manufactured to support primarily Stainless Steel pipework though can be used in various other applications due to their increased resistance to corrosion.

Material: Manufactured in either Grade 304 (A2) or Grade 316 (A4 -Marine Grade) Stainless Steel where applicable. Some products have EPDM rubber lining to provide cushioning between pipe and bracket, whilst also providing limited noise suppression.

Finishes: The finish on the Stainless Steel can either be dull (non-reflective), smooth or partly reflective depending on the production process and product itself.

Connections / Fixing Methods: Dependant on the product. Metric bosses are available only on Rubber Lined and Unlined Clips.

Country of Origin: China and UK where applicable.

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