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All dimensions are in millimetres.

Product Description

Description: Phenolic Pipe Support Blocks are used when thermal insulation of pipework and ducting is required. The primary function of the insulated pipe support is to isolate the pipework from the pipe support bracket itself in order to limit heat transfer to and from the pipework system whilst also limiting thermal bridging. The purpose of this is to allow a continuous vapour barrier to be carried through the support system. They are designed to support compressive loads imposed on pipework carrying water and other liquids at ambient temperatures.

Material: Phenolic supports are manufactured by Kingspan under the branding of ‘Kooltherm’. The Phenolic support blocks are manufactured from a closed cell rigid material and have a high density foam appearance.

Finishes: The Phenolic supports are bore coated and are CFC / HCFC free with a density of either 60, 80 or 120 kg/m3. The blocks are manufactured using both ‘cut from block’ and ‘continuous’ production methods and subsequently have either a grey or pink finish with a factory applied branded foil to their outer.

Connections / Fixing Methods: The Phenolic supports are predominantly held in place around the pipework with a suitable metal pipe bracket, allowing fixings to be connected to the bracket whilst this remains isolated from the pipework.

Country of Origin: UK

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Phenolic foam insulation:

  • CFC / HCFC free (ODP 0%)
  • Class 0 UK Fire Compliance having low flame spread and low smoke emission in order to meet local fire regulations
  • Rigid Closed Cell foam construction, thus resisting moisture ingress
  • Thermally efficient ie low ‘K’ value, saving energy and Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  • Ideally suited for use on cold and chilled water services (temperature range minus 180° C to 120° C)
  • Suitable for mild steel, stainless steel and copper pipework, available from stock in sizes 1/2” NB to 6” NB (15mm - 159mm) and thicknesses from 15mm to 50mm.

(Full specification available on request. For full details please contact our sales department).

Wood Blocks:

  • FSC approved wood only available on special request
  • Manufactured from Obeche wood, 100mm in length (longer lengths available to order).
  • Foil facing for vapour sealing available to order thus reducing condensation.

Blocks can be ‘notched out’ for trace heating, allowing cables to be run alongside piping underneath insulation.