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Heavy Duty Saddle Clamps BZP

Heavy Duty Saddle Clamps BZP

All dimensions in mm.

Product Description

Description: Heavy Duty Saddle Clamps BZP. Our saddle clamps and associated products are designed and manufactured to primarily support BS EN 10255 Steel pipework, (formerly BS1387 Steel pipe). Rubber-lined and unlined pipe supports are designed to support BS EN 10255* Steel pipework and BS EN 1057 Copper tube** and also various forms of Plastic and Stainless Steel Pipework. *Formerly BS1387 Steel pipe. **Formerly BS2871 part 1: 1971 Copper tube.

Material: Manufactured predominantly in Mild Steel material. EPDM rubber lining provides cushioning between the pipe and bracket. The rubber lining also provides limited noise suppression.

Finishes: The finish on our steel range of products is predominantly a Bright Zinc Plated finish (BZP). Certain products can be supplied (and made to order) with a Self Colour or Hot Dipped Galvanised finishes.

Connections and Fixing Methods: Dependant on the product, we have metric bosses available on all types of Rubber Lined, Unlined and Bossed Split Band Hangers.

Country of Origin: China and India where applicable.

Note: Measurements of this product are approximate due to the ‘spring’ in the material when clamping down in situ.

WHAT ARE SADDLE CLAMPS? - Pipe clamps are semicircular pipe brackets designed to fit around tubing and allow you to fasten it onto a flat surface. Typically there are two styles which offer different grip types. There are anchor or non-grip types known as saddles or guides. The clamps have two holes to allow fixing screws or bolts to fasten the clamp to the required surface.

WHAT ARE SADDLE CLAMPS USED FOR? - Saddle clamps are used to clamp a pipe to a flat surface. The clip is screwed or bolted directly or with a hanger bracket to the surface you want to run the pipe along. This may be wood, tiles, plaster or masonry. The tube can be held securely in place and supported over the full length of its run. This is a simple and reliable way of mounting your pipe.

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