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Brass Dual Purpose Brackets

Brass Dual Purpose Brackets

All dimensions are in millimetres.

Product Description

Description: Brass Dual Purpose Brackets,  Brass Pipe Rings, Brackets and Backplates are designed and manufactured to support BS EN 1057 Copper tube, formerly BS2871 part 1: 1971 Copper tube.

Material: Manufactured in Cast and Pressed Brass material. Brass is mainly an alloy of Copper and Zinc.

Finishes: Available in Bright or Chrome finish providing a smooth appearance.

Connections / Fixing methods: Available in Metric or BSP tapped thread sizes on boss – only where applicable.

Country of Origin: China.

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All brackets are suitable for use on Table X and Table Y Domestic and Commercial Copper Tube, sizes from 15mm o.d to 159mm o.d. dependant on the product involved. The connections on the Single and Double Bossed Pipe Rings (Split Clamps) are available in Metric (M10) and BSP (1/4”, 3/8” or ½” tapping). We also have both Metric and BSP tapped finish available on the Brass Dual Purpose Brackets. Special Brass Pipe Clips, Split Clamps and Brackets are available with other sizes of Boss and thread made specially to order.

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